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Best Brain Machines Inc

Phone: (928) 522-2221 or toll free (866) 944-3113
For sales Email

For technical support John at: technical(at)

If you happen to live in either Los Angeles then we have local distributors who can let you can try the Brainmax for free.

The Brainmax is now only $159.00 plus $5.00 for priority mail shipping with tracking in the US. It carries a 14 day unconditional. guarantee. If you live outside the US then Priority Mail International shipping is only an additional $13 US and the post office states that it arrives in 6-10 business days any where in the world.

If you decide to return the machine under the guarantee within 14 days we pay for the postage both ways (up to $5.00 return). I only want you to have this if it helps you. Everyone should try it and the only way that can happen is if we offer an easy to return policy.

If you want to use the Brainmax for something that takes longer than two weeks to affect you then ask us beforehand and we will gladly extend the guarantee. (This is mainly for women who suffer from PMS. Primarily it works best by applying the electricity directly to the abdomen to release endorphins and it helps cramps a lot. They may need to wait up to a month to see if the Brainmax works for them.)

I started this company and sell this machine based on the principle of helping people. If it does not help you then you should not have to pay for it. I mean this. I am a 29 year devout practicing Tibetan Buddhist who feels my very reason for existence is to help people, certainly it is not to make money by harming them. I'm not worried. People seem to know when they are lacking neurochemicals because our return rate is normally less than 2%. Trust me, I am surprised as anyone at that incredibly low rate. People have told me time and again 'I have been looking for this for years' and 'I have known for 20 years that I was lacking endorphins and finally there is something that will fix it'.

This is our instructional video for those who have bought the brainmax. But it shows how it is used for those who are curios. If you have low speed download here and high speed here then play on your windows media player.


Does the Brainmax honor Islam? Absolutely, in both the word and especially in spirit. The word is easy to honor as there is no reference to electricity in the Koran (other than lightening and that does not apply).

As far as the spirit of Islam the use of the Brainmax honors it several ways. Islam denies the use of intoxicants as they can take a persons focus away from Allah. They can supply a feeling of well being or righousness that Allah should provide when we do right. Long term use of these drugs can completely destroy the bodies ability to produce the feeling of well being or righousness as these are products of the Endorphin and other neurochemical networks. Yes, long term use shuts them down so that Allah cannot use them to show you when you are doing right (and wrong). The Brainmax and to a lesser degree time are the only two things that can bring back this system to a working state. So the Brainmax not only honors Allah but quickly repairs the body to the perfect state as it existed when he first gave it to us at birth. You can't ask for more.

Warning: If you are a woman and do not use birth control then be cautious using the Brainmax. We are not joking when we say that it makes women fertile and it has previously made women fertile who were not fertile before they used the Brainmax. It makes you healthy. This is breifly discussed here on our research page.

We will not be undersold! As such we have recently lowered the price of the Brainmax from $219 to $159 and if need be we are prepared to lower it even more. However, we are currently on vacation and will not be able to fill any orders until after Jan. 14, 2011. Please feel free to send your money in but be prepared to wait until after then.

March 4, 2011. I have fallen terribly behind so please do not place any orders until I can get caught up. Email me for more information.

For US Sales

Buy the Brainmax now using paypal for a safe and rapid transaction. Go to paypal by pushing the 'Buy Now' button. It will take you to the Paypal highly secure web site.

We are in the midst of restructuring our company and are unable to fill orders. Please do not place orders until this notice is removed.

Please use this button for US sales. Brainmax $159 + $5 priority mail = $164.

For International Sales

We are in the midst of restructuring our company and are unable to fill orders. Please do not place orders until this notice is removed.

International Sales

Please use this button for foreign sales. Brainmax $159 + $13 for International Priority Mail shipping = $172 .

Personal checks can be sent but they must clear the bank before shipping is approved. Money orders can also be accepted. Please contact us directly if you need to use another method of payment.

Upon clearing of payment your Brainmax will be shipped within one business day. It's been six months since it has taken us longer than one day to ship an order. They are shipped by Priority Mail which delivers to most places within the US in under two days. Most people are suprised how fast their Brainmax arrives.

Ask us about volume discounts and about becoming a distributor or a referal agent.

Best Brain Machines advertises every month in one the worlds largest magazines and the world's largest science magazine, Popular Science. The advertisement is shown below.


Though it changes occassionally this is our advertisment as it appears each month in Popular Science magazine and has been continuously since 2009. Personally I have been a member of Paypal for 7 years and Ebay for 3 1/2 years with a 100% feedback rating. We are here to stay.

The Brainmax adapter comes complete with a CD player (whose manual can also be downloaded here), a CD of the Brainmax frequencies, headset style electrodes, batteries, saline solution, a list of frequencies (which can also be downloaded here) and Brainmax instructions (which can also be downloaded here).

We can provide any frequency that you want on a CD for a nominal fee. However, you can download many other frequencies for free here.

Interested in purchasing an inexpensive refurbished laptop (here)? This is what I do for a hobby.

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