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Research that we have done which may be of use to you as well as research we are doing or are interested in doing.



Besides my eternal fascination with brain machines I am starting another company soon. A hotel unlike any other on earth. It's an 'underwater hotel'. (right) Actually only the bed chambers are underwater but 'underwater hotel' sounds better than 'a hotel with underwater bed chambers'.

Most of my time is now devoted to my reason for being alive which is to save the world. I am not joking in the least but nobody takes me very seriously which I have been hard at work remedying.

There are several areas which we are looking into using the brain machine for. One is the treatment of concussion, another is for motion sickness, another is infertility.

Other peoples research, mostly studies can be found on our links page.

We need to get two proven products into production. One is a machine that eliminates jet lag. It works in 90+% of the people within 15 minutes or less. This produces a phenomenal effect. How does it work? Some people have a more active circadian rhythm. The 'clocks' in their brains reset quickly by themselves. By contrast the brain of those who get jet lag reset very slowly. The Jet lag machine temporarily speeds up that low functioning brain to resemble one that resets quickly. So the brain and hence the circadian rhythm resets quickly and the traveler experiences no jet lag after 15 minutes. You can use the Jet Lag machine up to 24 hours before your flight. So it can be used before and during traveling as well as afterwards and it works about as effectively.

My most exciting research is being done with newborns.

frequencyIf you own a Brainmax and wish to download additional frequencies to experiment with then please go to this page of frequencies we have researched.

This is our instructional video for those who have bought the brainmax. But it shows how it is used for those who are curios. If you have low speed download here and high speed here.

This is an explanation of Cranial Magnetic Stimulation and why it is almost identical to NET/CES..

doctorIn our research we have found that nutritional supplements definitely tremendously add to the effects of the Brainmax.

What is next up for research? Probably the third eye machine third eye machine aka The Brain Booster.

ukflagusaflagDo you want a 100% Free Brainmax?

- What is the catch? You have to be a US or UK soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan who has suffered a concussion or a doctor who treats them. Since the US government has projected that 10-20 percent of the soldiers are going to suffer from a concussion that is not a hard requirement to meet.

Concussion treatment

This is mainly for those soldiers who are caught near IED explosions in Afghanistan and Iraq. The military has stated that between 10 and 20% of those serving in Afghanistan and Iraq will suffer from at least one concussion during their time of duty. The Brainmax can eliminate most of the damage caused by these concussion.

I have only found two minor studies so far on the treatment of concussions with CES. One of those studies was positive but it has numerous faults. Mainly three faults. One is that they waited too long. CES/NET works best on concussion if it is started within 48 hours of the concussion and this study was done on people long after they had received their concussions. They say that the patients suffered from Post Concussion Syndrome which means at least 3 months had passed (that is one of the requirements of PCS). Perhaps years had passed though they don't say.

The second fault is that they were very messed up people. When they say: 'While the majority of the patients were known seizure cases...' That means that they are really messed up people. We are not talking about minor or even moderate concussion patients. Seizures almost always follow only very bad concussions. Almost never moderate or minor concussion. Anyone who has had one fifth of their brain destroyed by an IUD is just not going to become normal, no matter what you do.

The other issue is the frequency. It is pointless to use the wrong frequency and wave shape in a study. These studies used 100Hz and that is about the same as walking into a pharmacy, pulling the first drug off the shelf and using that in a 'drug study' saying 'well it is a drug so we will use it in our drug study'. Using the right frequencies in a study is just as important as using the right drug. It is foolish to think that all frequencies are equally effective.

Both the above study and a second study on concussions are written about here. The second study has these three failings as well but unlike the first study they did not get good results. However, even the researchers alluded to the possibility that they had not used the right frequency and that other frequencies should be tried. (I think the researchers should be 'tried' for making an assumption that CES does not help concussion victims based on their using the only frequency that they had available. 100 Hz.)

We would like to be involved in a good study on concussions using CES/NET.

Our research has only been anecdotal so far but it has shown that the Brainmax is very effective not only for concussions but also for the treatment of strokes. We use two particular frequencies and waveforms. We did not determine the frequencies ourselves. Our patients did. They were all drawn to using those two frequencies exclusively. This project is dear to me since I was in automobile accident. I did not even remember the accident or anything preceding it for quite a while so it was a pretty bad accident. I didn't even remember getting into the car when I left my house. That is how bad the concussion was. The Brainmax eliminated all after effects from it. I have treated a few other people with concussions (and one stroke patient) and the results have always been from favorable to excellent. One person who had a bad stroke was Cheryl who wrote this testimonial.

It's just phenomenal.

Motion Sickness

There is a very good possibility of finding a frequency on the Brainmax which will treat people with motion sickness. It would be the ideal method of treating motion sickness since the Brainmax does not have to be taken orally and hence cannot be eliminated by vomiting which is a big problem with most medicines. Also no medicine works 100% so the field is wide open for something that would work better.

Also, since it works by a different method than drugs it could be added to a drug therapy. Even if NET is not fully effective at preventing motion sickness there is a great possibility that it could add to the effectiveness of a drug. If, say the Brainmax is 50% effective and a drug is also 50% effective what would be the effectiveness of the two applied in combination? 100%? 80%? Even if it is only 60% it is still better than drugs alone.

We do know that the Brainmax is effective in reducing nausea and vomiting caused by certain opiates so there is a good possibility that it would be as effective in motion sickness.


I am looking into doing research in treating infertility with NET. I'm interested in possibly working with other researchers. It shows incredible promise. One thing we have noticed is that women with spotty periods became normal and two who had not been able to have children became pregnant within six months of using our NET machine. It is only logical that this happens. The way NET/CES works in curing drug addiction is that it makes the endorphin system normal. It should follow that it would do the same thing for infertility which is caused by an abnormal sex chemistry which in turn can be made normal by NET/CES.

The result was one of things that you look at after wards and say to yourself 'why didn't I realize this would happen'. At the time it was not funny. I was worried that perhaps I should put a warning label on the machines for women of child bearing age. Then I said to myself 'I am looking at this from entirely the wrong point of view'. Instead of viewing it as a problem I needed to view it as a solution for those 1 in 6 couples who have difficulty conceiving. (source AFA) It could save a significant number of the 1.2 million couples who visit a fertility specialist for help every year from having to do so. (source AFA)

NET/CES isn't perfect but from what I have seen it will work on +40% of the people. We have noticed that often not all of the effects are immediate. With the machine it often takes several months for a woman's period to return to normal.

This is identical to when a woman goes on or off birth control pills. Then they also often need at least three months to recover as I quote:

Usually, it takes three months for the body to get back to its natural rhythm and fully recover from the pill. However, there are some cases where this does not happen and the body remains, for lack of a better word, sterile. Some companies have developed hormonal treatments to correct this, which are meant to kick start the process of ovulation that contraceptive pills have stalled. In this case, it really boils down to little more than hormone levels and knowing which hormones to tweak (and how much) to achieve the desired effect in the body. It should be noted, though, that these hormone medications do not always work. Disabled World

It often lasts longer than three months! Notice that estrogen can easily cause a woman to become permanently sterile (unless drugs are taken to overcome this sterility). So in point of fact a woman going off of birth control pills may never recover from their use. Many things can cause sterility and N.E.T./C.E.S. can restart a woman cycle faster, safer and more fully than any other method that I know of. It releases the natural version of the hormones that the above article refers to as well as a number of others science does not see fit to include. Though it may take several month for them to recover I often immediately notice a significant change at the time the machine is used. Those women who have used a lot of estrogen often get a nervousness and a shrill to their voice. With dual or even single pulses in the 450 hz range that will often disappear right in front of our eyes. Permanently.

If you are a woman of child bearing age and do not want little ones running around your house then consider this a warning about using a N.E.T./C.E.S. machine without adequate birth control.

And yes, it almost always has a favorable effect on a men's ability to perform and enjoy. In many studies electrical stimulation has been shown to increase the entire range of hormones and neurotransmitters associated with sex in both men and women. That includes studies of gonadotropins which increase directly the sex hormones to studies about the love hormones such as oxytocin.

Since NET/CES can take a person who has been using drugs or alcohol for ten or twenty years and return their system to normal in less than ten days then it only stands to reason that to do the same for a person whose system was not nearly as imbalanced can be accomplished in no time at all.


Let me know your results if you try this. If you want to buy to Brainmax and use your allergies as the reason for buying it then please do. If you don't get excellent results then I will gladly return your money. Let's find out if the cats of this world can be helped by curing their owners of their allergies.

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