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The standard CD which comes with the Brainmax has new frequency as of about July 2010 and it is 365 Hz. It is now track #11 on the Brainmax CD. This is the most unusual frequency there is. Almost everyone reports different effects. It seems to effect women more than men and it seems to be quite liberating for them. I'll leave it for you to make your own observations. (Some say it's Viagra for women.) My own mother got pretty freaked out after she used it.



Note: All the clips on this page are short and only go for a short amount of time. Just put your CD player on repeat and they wll go on forever. This is also part of the Brainmax set. They are electrical and sound pulses. It does no good to listen to them through headphones.

Another new frequency is 32.4 Hz which is a replacement for 30Hz. I feel it is more relaxing and so is probably more specific for GABA than 30 Hz is. So it may replace Track #4, 30 Hz (GABA) on the CD which comes with the Brainmax. I would like to hear what your results are.

32.4 Hz.wav

32.4 Hz.mp3

This frequency is copywritten. Only owners of the Brainmax may download one and only one copy. You have your choice of a 2 minute wav or mp3 file. The Wav file at 20 meg is more acurate than the MP3 file at 1.9 meg. Just right click and save to your computer, then burn to a cd. (Or have your neighbor's child do it.) If you don't have a small child to do this then I will do it for you for $20.00.


The following is a set of experimental frequencies for owners of the Brainmax to use as they like. They are provided without documentation or support.

If you have any frequencies that you would like us to put on this page to download then please let us know.

These are all wav files of about one minute duration (just put your cd player on repeat) and are about 10 Meg each in size. All these frequencies will easily fit on one cd with lots of room left over.























The following are what are known as Rife Frequencies. Apparently he used many dozen frequencies but these are the most popular one's.*

20Hz (Same as above.)





5000Hz (This is actually 4902Hz but due to digital sampling rates this is as close as it is possible to obtain.)

I was asked why I used wav files and if in fact the CD player could play them where as most systems use the smaller mp3 files. .I could use mp3 files instead of wav files as they are much smaller but I don't usually use them. Why?

Mp3's have way too much distortion. You have to see the actual wave shape on an editing program (below) to realize how poor of quality mp3's really are.


The top trace is a 100 Hz wav file while the bottom one is a 100 Hz mp3 file. You can see there is a difference.

The point is that, at least for me, I seem to notice a difference in the effects between the two. WAV files have much more of an effect on me than mp3 files do.

I find it interesting that the difference between the two types of files is much easier to determine by the effect of the electricity than by hearing. When Iisten to the two types of files I cant tell the difference but using the Brainmax I can.

In conclusion, Wav files are just much more effective than mp3's so I use them.


*Rife is a hot topic and following his death in 1971 many con artists have used his name to steal thousands if not millions of dollars from innocent people. They often falsely claimed to do miraculous things such as cure cancer. Most of these con artists and their claims have nothing at all to do with Rife. I know little about these frauds myself. They have made it hell for those of us who are ethical.

From what I gather Rife mainly used magnetic pulses and not direct electrical stimulation but some devices did use direct electrical stimulation. More about magnetic stimulation here.

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