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Magnetic stimulation


Most magnetic therapy is frankly BS. Not because it does not work but because the equipment cannot do what the manufacturers claim. Mainly because the magnets used are too small and low powered.

brain magnetmagnetic fieldAll you have to do is look at what legit researchers use for this purpose.

It takes a very large magnet to penetrate the skull and brain to any depth at all. For a magnet to just to reach the prefrontal cortex which is just inside the skull you can see the size of the magnet they need to use (left). which is found midway down this page here.

The depth of penetration is pretty much proportional to the size of the magnet. The magnet that is pictured will produce a field about like what is pictured to the right. It cannot penetrate very deeply as you can see.

bigmagnetlgmagnetIf you want to penetrate to the base of the brain where most of the structures are that we are interested in such as the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal are then you will need a much larger magnet such as the one at the left.

Those magnets weight several pounds and often fully encircle a person's head like the deep TMS device by Brainsway on the right, now being used in a study on ADD.

These magnets need several thousand watts of electricity to create that strong of a field. Down a bit and to the right are two of the machines that they use to produce that powerful of a magnetic field. Neuronetics is the manufacturer of one such FDA approved device.

tmsIf you would like to know more about TMS including a greater explanation of the process, diagrams of the magnetic fields created by the various magnets, a photo of another huge machine and links to research studies then please go here.

You almost need to implant a magnet in a persons brain in order to get a strong field deep in the brain. That is what they normally do for such treatments. A perfect example is Medtronics FDA approved treatment for Parkinson which uses such magnets and is found here.

To my knowledge some silly little toy like device that can fit in the palm of your hand is simply not going to affect your brain much, if at all. (However, NET/CES will deliver.]

So essentially there are two types of CMS machines. Those that are the legitimate huge magnets that do what they say and then there are those that are small and don't do what they say. Unless you have about $15,000 then you are not going to be able to buy a machine that will do effective deep magnetic brain stimulation.*

A magnetic field produces a flow of current in the brain which is identical for all practical purposes to direct electrical stimulation by CES/NET. However, CES/NET uses far less power and goes directly through that area which needs to be stimulated. Between the two there really is no difference to my understanding and the effects are nearly identical as far as I know. It just makes more practical sense to use electrical rather than use magnetics as far as I can tell.

The main difference that I can tell is that CES/NET appears to be more invasive since it actually comes in contact with the skin where as magnetic stimulation does not. However, that is just an illusion because the energies penetrate the brain in either case equally so neither one is really more truly invasive than the other.

Believe me, if I knew of a way to make an inexpensive yet effective Cranial Magnetic Stimulation machine you would be reading about it on these pages and we would be selling them. I will continue to research it and if I we can manage to produce a quality device at a low cost then we will certainly do so.

If you wish to know the truth about any of these devices then please feel free to ask and I will continue to tell you the truth as always.


*I can think of only one exception to this though it is very dangerous. If you were to ram a magnet up your nose about 4 inches without breaking through into the brain then it would be within about an inch of those areas of the brain which need stimulation. It would not take more than a hundred watts or so to create a large enough field to do this. If you attempt to do this and survive then please let me know how it worked out.

Actually I can think of a second likely one. I think I can make a CMS machine for about 1/8 th the cost of conventional units. Essentially it appears that none of these companies know how to direct and focus magnetic fields. If they did then they could make the machines for a lot lower cost.


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