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There are about 1,000 articles and over 100 studies on NET/CES therapy. I have not the space or the time to list them all. You can find lots of them on the internet. I have provided a few of the most important ones below.

This is one companies application for licensing by the FDA. It contains a lot of recent studies..

The ten best pages ever written about NET are these by the sons of Meg Patterson. You must read this study if nothing else:

A 'Common Anti-Addiction Mechanism': NeuroElectric Therapy in Drug Treatment. By Lorne and Sean Patterson

Dr. Meg Patterson's work with NET:

Patterson MA. Effects of NeuroElectric Therapy (NET) in drug addiction: an
interim report.
UN Bull Narc 1976;28:55-62.

These two pages show the importance of different frequencies with various patients who took various drugs in varying amounts in one of Meg Patterson's studies. Here and here

Probably the best book she wrote is: Hooked? Net: The New Approach to Drug Cure You can usually find used copies of this for less than $10 at Abe books. She has written several other books as well..

More recent research:

Here is a page from a Fibromyalgia support group containing dozens of studies and links mainly focusing towards that disease and the pain associated with it.

Here is a mixed bag including NET and Electro acupuncture studies:

Here is another list of links

This link is to a virtual reality site which has some pretty distantly related material on it.



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