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This is what else I am doing? I am going to modify houseboats by adding a clear tank a lot like an aquarium on the bottom of the hull so that you can sit or lay down in it and look out at the fish.

Underwater hotel room

The girl in blue is climbing down to join her friends who are already in bed and are looking out at the fishes.

view from below

The girl in blue has made it down to the sunken bed and is watching the fish with her two friends who are in the bed.

These boats can be rented out as hotel rooms all over the world. They can be tied up to a preexisting dock or my favorite, a floating dock which has zero impact on the environment. They can also motor around and look at all the underwater scenery. One third of the world's coral reefs are now in danger or else are already dead. This is about the only way other than diving to have a direct experience with a coral reef.