Is this the solution to the Corona Virus?
(I am tired of people talking about it so I am attacking it.)

It is called Inosine. It's a precursor of two of the four components of RNA and DNA. Guanine and adenine (including Adenosine Tri Phosphate, ATP, which fuels the body at the cellular level). Inosine occurs naturally in our food but not in substantial amounts. It is often used as a supplement in athletics and as a legal doping agent in horse racing. The main bottom line for many women is that it improves their complexions....from the inside out. Often blemishes and even lines disappear. More on that later.

Most importantly it appears that loading the system with inosine confuses the Corona and many other viruses.

One way inosine seems to win out is simply a matter of competition. When DNA is incorporating guanine or adenine into the RNA that it is producing it is a scavenging process so it occasionally grabs and incorporates a virus strand by mistake. That is essentially how virus infections occur. They are incorporated into the RNA largely by accident. By adding inosine to your diet the amount of adenine and guanine increases and simply outnumbers the virus and leaves it 'in the dust' to be destroyed by the immune system. This tilts the body in favor of making more healthy RNA than infected RNA. Inosine also does a stupendous job of stimulating the immune systems production of antibodies as the production rate of RNA increases. RNA synthesis seems to be at least partially limited to and controlled by the amount of available inosine. It usually takes a couple of days to take effect. It takes that long for the antibodies to actually be produced by the body.

isoDon't confuse Inosine with the 'drug' Isoprinosine (aka Inosine Pranobex, Methisoprinol, etc) and don't confuse the later of actually being a drug. It's not a drug. They are really the same thing.

My research in the 1960's and early 70's into the original studies comparing inosine and Isoprinosine is interesting. (In high school I had no social life so I spent entire weekends in the UCLA BioMed Library. I also studied biochemistry and consequentially epidemiology including small pox of which there were still outbreaks.) Isoprinosine is simply inosine mixed with a salt of acedoben (acetylated PABA aka Vitamin B10) and dimethylaminoisopropanol. Isoprinosine's effects are identical to inosine. It is just slightly better absorbed, as I recall. That is hardly a reason to get a patent on it and then make millions marketing this natural food as a drug. However, by patenting Isoprinosine it had the very desirous effect of getting it taken seriously by the medical establishment! As such it has been tested and there are lots of studies which have been made using it! Google it and you will see. Like this study of it's effect on the flu virus.

You can probably safely extrapolate the results obtained by Isoprinosine studies to those that can be obtained with inosine..and at less than 1/10 the cost. Try starting with 2 grams of inosine a day in at least two divided doses. (Inosine has an 11 hour half life.) If you get a good response after about five days you can probably get by fine on 1 gram a day.

You will also get a huge increase in ATP production. The increase in ATP production is why inosine is used as a legal doping agent in horse racing. Five grams given each day for three days preceding the race(s). Apparently it takes 4 days for inosine to really crank up the RNA in horses.

Someone should do a study. If I can be of any help then please let me know. In addition to inosine you may consider including another nutrient, Uridine which also occurs in our food but not in substantial amounts. It is one of the five nucleosides that make up Nucleic acids. It appears to supply the other two components of RNA. Uracil and cytosine. That way there can no lack of the building blocks of RNA. It seems to shut down viruses very quickly. It works best if the Inosine is taken twice daily and the Uridine is taken at least once a day. Uridine has a biphasic half life which causes it to accumulate. It is rather complex but Uridine seems to form a pool of metabolites from which thymine and cytosine are formed but I am now getting into conjecture so never mind. Don't use if you have uric acid problems.

I owned a nutritional company in the 1980's from which I sold this combination of Inosine and Uridine under the trade name of Ribodan. It worked but there wasn't the insane need for combating viruses as there exists today. I sold it mainly to women who wanted to improve their complexion....from the inside out. Better than 90% of the women who used it for their complexion said that it dramatically improved it with even lines going away. Over 50% in general stated that it improved their complexion.

Who knew the Corona virus would come along and create another need for such a highly turned on immune system? I sure didn't.

The Corona virus is a monster the likes of which has not been seen since smallpox ravaged the earth. It targets those over 50 years of age and those with compromised immune systems. Children usually fight it off without to much problem. In fact it looks all the world like a cold or a mild case of the flu most of the time with children. And that is what makes it so sinister. The most innocent of our society spread it the most efficiently. It lasts a long time (that is more than a week). Like a cold that they can't seem to shake off. However he or she may have innocently passed it to a dozen schoolmates and playmates who then pass it along to their family members. They come down with it one day and a week later half their classmates have it and by the time another week has gone by half their parents will have it. That is when it gets dangerous. The older and more infirm a person is the more likely they are to die.



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