Baby and other photos of Ted Alsup aka John Pinil

Plus an old family tree on my mothers side.

baby me


baby photo


My mother wrote the author of the Dennis the Menace national syndicated comic strip and told him about an incident
that I had in a hardware store. He thanked her for the idea and then drew this cartoon. You can probably figure out
what this Dennis the Menace colored yellow in the bathroom display.

This photograph of me with a 6 foot chainsaw was an expression of my mothers sense of humor. That of your typical elementary school teacher. Fifth grade. Bawdy but subtle
in such a way that children would only see a hard working man.

Mom and Dad

sweet sixteen

Sweet Sixteen and Twenty. They met at a church summer camp where he was the art instructor. Both are Tauruses.
So am I.


Lieutenant George Wroten Alsup. He served under Patton.


In fact before the Battle of the Bulge my father, forever the artist, drew this Chirstmas Card of himself drudging through knee deep snow and his deep boredom mainly due to not seeing any action. Until one week after he sent this card home when suddenly he was knee deep in the Battle of the Bulge. They didn't know what had hit them. Then they turned around and annihilated the German Army on the western front and then went right through Germany.


JoAnn waiting for her husband to get back from the war.



50th year anniversary. My father had also recently retired as a full professor of art at Cal State University Northridge.



Me and mom.