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I prayed and prayed and prayed. For over thirty years I have prayed to solve the Brainmax/NET quandary.

It was: How do I introduce this machine to the world in a way that is logical, non-contradictory, easy to understand and easy to document as well as easy to prove? The brain machines problem was that it was inherently too hard to document it's effects on the set of patients it was invented to assist and help.  For one thing it works too well. The flood of endorphins knocks an addict silly and often senseless. How do you put that in a report behind a straight face and not crack a bit of a smile?  Well, there is no problem not cracking smiles when you are using the brain machine on the newborn babies of crack addicts.

The best part of treating infants was that these infants could be returned to complete normalacy in a matter of days...instead of still struggling after months of sobriety as adults often do. Which is what most adult addicts often do if they are not one of the 90%+ that go back to abusing drugs.

With a cure rate of 80% as documented by Meg Patterson NET/CES could play an important part in medicine. However, besides that one study with a 80% success there just were not very many published results. The studies usually relied on patient reporting. That is fraught with a number of errors which is too long to list.

What I found after 30 years of wringing my hands was that they have invented a scoring system. They invented the Finnegan neonatal abstinence scoring system and I did not even know there was such a beast. That is a big name for a drug withdrawal scoring system for newborn infants. Drug addicted newborns are babies whose mothers were addicted to drugs and who was using them while pregnant and at birth. We found that the Brainmax is able to lower the score of these drug addicted babies out of their addiction with only 12 minutes use.

[Infants who have a repeated score of 8 or more on the Modified Finnegan Neonatal Abstinence Score Sheet indicates addiction.]

These were tremendous results in a very short time. I expected it to take at least 10 half hour treatments to do what one 12 minute session actually did. At least that is using adults as the model. With adults it works very well when it is turned so low that you cant even feel it. When it is turned down this low it is about 80% as effective.  So to make sure the it would not cause any problems or create any problems for the subject it was turned down below that threshold and was only used for about 12 minutes.

The Brainmax shows tremendous promise treating and saving these most innocent victims of the drug abuse plague which is rampaging across and destroying our nation.

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2014 John Pineal